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Thank you for your interest in Goodman management team, a professional property management services company. By choosing us you can be assured of a highly efficient management team by your side.

As you continue to search for a property manager for your rentals, you soon discover they all appear to be the same. Monthly management fees are typically 5.9% to 6.9% of the monthly rental income.

Most provide screening of rental applicants, maintenance and repairs when required, and banking of the rent that requires the accounting department to be involved, requiring additional costs to the landlord. We provide property management services in Orange CA, Anaheim CA, Yorba Linda CA and throughout Orange County CA.

My approach is different.

The difference my team and I offer, is that our backgrounds allow us to repair items without extra costs (except for the parts).

As an example, if your unit has a toilet that keeps running, or the garbage disposal breaks down, property management services companies, acting like a “Call Center” will dispatch a plumber that typically charge around $200 to $300 for labor plus parts !

The same case can be made for an electrician say for a broken G.F.I outlet !

I have handymen that can complete many tasks included in our contract or if a major task, at reasonable costs.

My degree in engineering/experience and hands on approach, allows my team to complete most tasks.

I also don't need to be involved with the rent money, as a direct deposit into your account gives you all the control.

And remember, by using approved California Association of Realtors documentation you can be assured that you are legally protected, and represented if contractual issues of lease surface. This provides for Realtor panels to review the issue not the courts.

As a Real Estate Broker with over 25 years of experience representing my client’s interests, I hope you will consider my cost savings approach and give me a call.

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