About Us

The difference that my “hands on team” and I offer, is that our backgrounds allow us to repair items that can shield you from excessive costs.

A few example’s, if your unit has a toilet that keeps running, we have the expertise to analyze the problem and repair it without extra cost except for the $25 fill valve assembly which does fail over time or replacement of broken garbage disposal.

Contrastingly, property management services companies, acting like a call center, will expedite a plumber that typically charges around $200 to $300 for labor (plus the $25 part).

My degree in engineering & experience provides the team the knowledge to complete most tasks without any additional costs. This is one of the benefits my lower monthly management fee offers.

The same case can be made for an electrician. As an example for a broken G.F.I. Electrical outlet which we are capable of replacing.

However, if the repair is extensive, I coordinate the experts, obtain bids for the services, provide you the analysis, but also have team members that can complete many of the ancillary tasks at more reasonable costs.

I recently received a bid for replacing 10 feet of wrought Iron fencing for $3,500!

My team member did the job for $1600!

A recent example of an issue that was resolved with garbage disposal: My team was able to replace a garbage disposal and associated plumbing for a total cost of $247 parts and material. It saved the owner an estimated $500!