Lease Management Services in Orange County CA

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The Best Advice You Could Ever Get About Lease Management Services

If you own a property that you want to rent out, then you need to consider using a professional lease management services in Orange County CA. Getting professional assistance is a guarantee that the entire process, from advertising your property to receiving a secure rental income will go smooth and all your rights will be protected. The best advice that you can get in terms of lease management services is that you should go for it because in the long run this will save you both time and money and make your life as a landlord much easier.

Here are a few basic things that you need to know about this kind of services and what you need to be looking for when choosing an Orange County Leasing Manager.

What do Lease Management Services in Orange County CA include?

Every day, in which your property stays vacant you lose money. The same goes if you have bad tenants that delay rental payment or have to be evicted. There are also a bunch of rules and laws that you need to be familiar with and tons of documentation to manage. Therefore, some professional help can be of great use to any landlord. If you are wondering what you should expect from high-quality lease management services in Orange County CA, here is an idea:

  • Evaluation of your property and proposal of a fair rental rate

The leasing manager will visit your property and have a thorough look at both the exterior and the interior. They will document everything and make some photos as well. You can expect to receive some recommendations for small repairs or cosmetic changes that can result in higher rental income. Then the leasing manager will gather information about the rents in the area and will work with you so that you can come up with the optimal rental rate. You can also consult them about issues that may concern you, such as allowing pets, renting out only to non-smokers, etc.

  • Using the most appropriate advertising and marketing strategies

As a professional in the field, the lease manager knows how to prepare your property so that it looks appealing on the rental market. This may include some interior cleaning or minor landscaping touches. Then, they will utilize all appropriate advertising tools, such as Multiple Listing Service (MLS), print publications, social media, fliers, signs, paid and unpaid rental listing websites, etc. The lease manager will also work with other realtors in order to find tenants.

  • Efficient tenant screening and selection process

The lease manager will be responsible for the screening and selection of the prospective tenants. That includes answering calls, checking their background and verifying credit history, identity, etc., grading tenants according to pre-selected criteria and of course informing those who were turned down. One of the main responsibilities, naturally, is to meet with tenants and show them the property at a time that is convenient for them.

  • Supervision of tenant move-in and out

Part of the lease management services is to secure a hassle-free move-in of the new tenants. That includes drawing up a leasing agreement, setting a move-in date, perform move-in inspection with tenants and secure signing a report about the condition of the property. The lease manager is usually responsible for collecting the first month’s rent and the security deposit. Similarly, when the rental contract is over and the tenants need to move out, they will supervise the process, make sure the keys are returned and even change the locks. Another protocol is drawn about the condition of the property and any necessary amounts are withdrawn from the deposit, the rest is returned.

  • Financial services

The leasing manager is there to help you with various financial issues that you might face. That includes rent collection, chasing late payments, keeping track of all the property-related expenses and making payments on behalf of the owner. Providing accounting property management services is also a great benefit, as is the assistance with any tax-related questions.

  • Legal services

A leasing professional is well aware of all local, state and federal legislation that applies to rental properties and can give advice to the landlord in the event of any dispute or other issues. The property manager also knows the attorneys in the area who are qualified to settle such disputes and can refer you to them. Another aspect of this service is to take care of evictions – from preparing the necessary documentation to making sure that the tenants are removed from the property.

  • Property maintenance and repairs

These are services that indeed save a lot of time and money for the landlords. The leasing manager is responsible to take care of all minor and major problems that occur, which may range from a broken pipe to snow removal. They will be in charge of finding the best offer for the repair and usually they work with trusted handymen and can get discounts for giving them work on a regular basis. The property manager is also responsible to supervise any repair or maintenance work and make sure it is done according to the requirements.

This is in brief what kind of lease management services in Orange County CA you can expect by hiring a trusted professional to look after your investment property.

Why a homeowner should consider lease management services?

As a homeowner, you really need to spend some time thinking whether you need to use the professional services of a leasing manager. There are many advantages to do so and besides, as you can see above, there is a variety of services that you can choose from. It is not necessary to vest all the responsibilities for your rental property to a leasing manager. You can also choose to use them only for some services. One of the best benefits is that you will get a trusted advisor especially on more complicated issues such as legal or financial constraints.

Another benefit that is worth mentioning is that you can relax peacefully or go on a holiday without being worried that you will get an unpleasant call from the tenants complaining of a broken garbage disposer. You can rely on that the property manager will take care of all issues.

You can also rely on the on-going communication with your property management team. You will be updated on anything that is happening and you are free to ask as many questions as you need if something sounds unclear.

In other words, convenience is the answer to the question why you, as a homeowner, need to consider lease management services in Orange County CA.

How a property manager protects your interests?

Hiring a property manager is a smart move not only because of the advantages listed above. It is of paramount importance if you want both your property and interests to be taken good care of with as less hassle as possible. One of the most important aspects of the services you receive is the legal know-how of a property manager. As a professional in the field, they are familiar with all rules and regulations at every level – local, state, federal and can help you avoid mistakes due to ignorance and lack of knowledge. In addition to that, they are professionals who are on your side and who are there to offer you advice and solution that are to the best of your interest.

If you are looking for the best lease management services in Orange County CA, then you need to get in touch with Goodman Management Team. You get trustworthy and customer-oriented professionals who see the good care and maintenance of your real estate investment as their mission. As a real estate broker, Gerry Goodman knows how to protect your interests and guarantees that you have access to approved California Association of Realtors documentation, meaning that any dispute is to be reviewed in arbitration by Realtors. He works with a team of professionals with various skills and knowledge that can offer cost-efficient property maintenance and repairs. No matter if you are a single-family home or a condominium owner, you can trust that your property is in the hands of the best Orange County Leasing Manager.

If you are a homeowner in Orange County who wants to rent out your property, you may want to consider using realty property management services in Orange County CA in order to reap the best benefits of this undertaking. If you are unsure what the profession of a property manager involves, keep on reading and you will find out why you need one and what are the benefits of hiring such a professional.

Why do you need Realty Property Management Services in Orange County CA?

Renting out a property is not a simple process. It includes many steps such tenant screening, property maintenance and repairs, daily operations and many more. Hiring a property management services company means that you get a professional to take care of all these tasks. You sign a detailed contract that details the rights and duties of both parties and that protects your rights. A property manager can manage both single family homes and large condominiums and some of their most important responsibilities include:

  • Managing rent
  • Managing tenants
  • Looking after property maintenance and repairs
  • Supervising other employees and vacant properties
  • Keeping records and managing budget
  • Assist with taxes

6 Main benefits of hiring a Property Management Services Company

If you are a property owner who wants to rent it out but save themselves the troubles, then you need a good property manager to do the job for you. There are plenty of benefits to choose such services and here 6 of the most important ones:

1. Dealing with legal issues

It is hard to be aware of all federal, state and local laws that apply to property rentals and managing tenants. A property managing professional, however, know every single rule and will make sure that you have the perfect contract that keeps you away from possible lawsuits or legal issues.

2. Screening for tenants and scam protection

Property managers have the necessary experience to screen for tenants. This means that they can find the best match for your property and ensure that you will receive your rent without troubles, they will cause no damages to your property and stay longer. There are many people who would like to take advantage of inexperienced landlords, try to sue them for discrimination or perform any other rental scam. Having a seasoned property management company on your side means that you are protected by such troubles since they will apply a consistent application process to all potential tenants and save you from bad outcomes.

3. Less vacancy

Part of the high-quality realty property management services in Orange County CA include making sure that your place is rented for as long as possible. This is due to the fact that a qualified property manager knows what rental price to suggest and how to properly advertise your property.

4. Cheaper professional property maintenance and repairs

If you have chosen the right property management company, it means that you have opted for someone who offers a team of seasoned handymen that can be dispatched to your property and handle any plumbing, gas or electricity issues. Usually, these services are part of the main contract and hence they cost less than hiring a plumber or any other professional to do the job. The other option is that the property managers use the same professionals and therefore they get discounts due to the amount of work they provide.

5. Dealing with evictions

Having to deal with an eviction is an unpleasant and often lengthy process. Hiring a professional means that you are safe from this emotion since the property managers know how to have a tenant removed quickly and painlessly.

6. Personal benefits for the property owners

Last but not least there is a bunch of personal benefits for a property owner. These include less stress, since you do not have to deal with every single issue on your own; more freedom – to travel or invest in a property that is far away, even in another state or foreign country and more time, since you do not have to service the property yourself and thus you can broaden your investments or spend more time with your family and friends.

Are there any cost benefits for landlords if they hire a property manager?

Most definitely the answer to this question is yes. More or less all of the above services offered by a professional property manager are saving both time and money to the landlords. If we need to summarize, however, we can state that there are three significant cost benefits when using reliable realty property management services in Orange County CA. These are:

  • No unpaid or delayed rents

Some dishonest tenants may try to take advantage of property owners and count on their sympathy or concern to avoid paying a monthly rent or at least delay it without being penalized for that. Having a property management company that offers rental property management services in Orange CA, Anaheim CA, and Yorba Linda CA means that you have a professional entity to tackle this issue. As the company is perceived in another way than a person, tenants are less willing to try and deceit them with payments. In addition to that, you as a landlord know that your rights are protected by the contract you have with the property manager.

  • More tax deductions

Organizing rental home expenses is not an easy task and you as an owner may miss on something. A property manager is aware of all the details and can help you add more tax deductions when the tax time comes. In addition to that property management fees are also a deductible expense, so at the end of the day you end up paying less tax.

Goodman Management Team has significant experience and innovative approach in offering realty property management services in Orange County CA. Garry Goodman has more than 25 years of experience as a real estate broker and knows how to defend the interests of his client. In addition to his knowledge of the rental market, he also has a team of professional handymen who can fix almost anything in your property at a very reasonable price. Goodman Management Team offers realty property management services in Orange CA, Anaheim CA & Yorba Linda CA and throughout Orange County CA. One other benefit of choosing their team is that they are using approved California Association of Realtors documentation, which means that your interests are legally protected and represented in case of contractual issues of the lease. The great combination of expertise, experience, and security make the services beneficial to homeowners and helps landlords to feel comfortable and relax. Get in touch with Goodman Management Team to find out how they can help you to make the most of your property.

Property Maintenance in Orange County CA

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Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Property Maintenance?

Only homeowners can truly understand the vitality of maintaining and caring for their property, regardless of whether they are looking to sell or rent them in the foreseeable future. Needless to say, the practices of property maintenance in Orange County CA and other locations of high-end property have seen an upsurge in the recent times.

Simple reasons why every homeowner needs property maintenance

  • Fixing trivial issues to prevent big ones: Regular rental property repairs and maintenance can help avert major issues that can considerably reduce a property’s value.
  • Keeping hold of the best renters: When a renter occupies a property, the owner’s anticipation is that the renter would take care of the property as if it was his own property. However, making sure the property is damage proof in all ways not only ensures consistent rent and tenants, it also builds goodwill and good relations.
  • Growing the value of the property: Effective property maintenance in Orange County CA has seen property values soar up considerably since well-maintained properties are more preferred over properties needful of repair.

Common mistakes everyone makes about property maintenance

When you are seriously considering property maintenance, it orders to make the most out of it, you must steer clear of the following mistakes:

  • Thinking it’s an unnecessary expense: Maintenance expenses never get any cheaper. The price of labor and materials required to conduct property maintenance are bound to increase every year. Hence dilly-dallying on the regular upkeep of properties can only lead to a highly expensive damage which can cost you a lot more than the average spend.
  • Not regularly visiting the property: Visiting the property no less than once a year to check on how it is being kept by the tenant or the agent is crucial, as recognizing damage to a property can only be done to the tee by the owner of the property.
  • Not knowing the amount to spend: Homeowners looking to indulge seriously in property maintenance must consult a property manager to ensure that they spend just the right amount in maintaining their properties. Often owners tend to go for over or under spending, neither of which is advisable.

Normal spending on property maintenance in Orange County CA

One prevalent practice says that rental property repairs and maintenance should take up 1% of the acquisition price of the home. For instance, if the home costs $700,000, a budget of $7,000 per year for upkeep should be kept aside. That does not imply literally spending $7,000 every year, it just means that, on an average, over a considerable number of years (over 10 years), the average spend should be 1% of the cost multiplied by the number of years of ownership. It is difficult to forecast how much a property will cost to maintain. The best way to save money is to hone in these factors about the property when setting out the plan:

  • Type of Property (Single/Family/Commercial)
  • Location of the Property
  • Weather conditions
  • Age of the Property
  • The condition the property is in

How a property manager can help you out?

The hiring of a property manager for your property maintenance in Orange County CA may seem like an added expense but it can be quite beneficial. A property manager can help homeowners to:

  • Set appropriate rental rates.
  • Timely collect and deposit once-a-month rent payments.
  • Market the property in the most appropriate manner.
  • Make best use of time and money.
  • Guarantee that all housing regulations & property regulations are abided by.
  • Handle vendor relations.
  • Handle relationship with possible tenants, choosing them wisely.

Property management necessitates a huge amount of commitment, time, and effort. For years, Goodman Management Team has conducted property maintenance in Orange County CA employing the most advanced techniques of aiding their customers. Offering customers with all-encompassing services ranging from lease documentation to control of rental income, the underlying essence of the team’s service is dedication and honesty.

Orange County Commercial Property Management Services

In the current climate, many realtors specializing in commercial property management in Orange County CA are noticing a spike in foreign buyers and the commercial real estate market. According to Real Capital Analytics, commercial real estate purchases by foreign investors took a turn up from $468 million in 2014 to $2.3 billion at present. Condominiums are relatively attractive to foreign buyers, mainly because of the all-inclusive features most contain. They offer an easy, turnkey package of amenities, luxury, and security all in one go!

Furthermore, although a condominium owner will see a significant return upon the sale of their unit, they are just paying off the mortgage and tax until then. The ability to sell and eventual yield is all completely dependent on the typically fickle condominium market. As a result, more savvy buyers understand that they can generate revenue by renting one’s unit out for commercial purposes.

Why commercial and not residential?

So what is the difference when it comes to investing in commercial or residential? There are actually many of benefits to going commercial, especially when you have a great commercial property management in Orange County CA to nurture your relationship with tenants and protect the property with regular checks etc.

Longer Leases

A landlord’s biggest concern can often be whether a tenant will renew their contract or not. This can often have a knock-on effect of paying the bills and cover yourself for a couple of months until you find someone else. A residency contract is usually reviewed and can be turned over every six or twelve months. However, a commercial tenancy can continue for years! The tenants usually occupying the property invest a lot of time and effort into making it look right for them, which usually prolongs the length of the tenancy overall.

Improved ROI

Return on investment for commercial properties accumulate a very high rental yield in comparison to residential investments. Earning potential is why so many often lean towards commercial property investment. Finding commercial property management in Orange County CA will just help to boost this and nurture your tenancy to ensure contracts are happily renewed and rates meet the standard.

Standards are more likely to be maintained

Especially for those tenants who work in a retail industry, they want their store (your property) to be in the best condition possible. Unlike residential tenants, their ideals and aspirations for the property align with the landlord. As a result, your property is much more likely to be maintained to a high standard.

Less midnight calls from tenants

As the business usually falls in line with working hours, the property is only occupied during the day, when you work. This way, the amount of panic phone call about an issue in the property is reduced significantly. Your free time as a Landlord can actually be your free time, bar the odd emergency alarm you have to attend to. The best property management companies in Orange County CA will take care of those too if you wish so you can really sleep easy!

As you can see the advantages of owning a condo alone are very appealing. Whether for renting for residential or commercial purposes, you can lease or rent to generate passive income which provides you with a predictable cash flow each month, outside of your profession. Furthermore, the appreciation potential whilst it is being rented is incredibly attractive and will leave you sitting on a small goldmine after a number of years. To support you in nurturing your lucrative investment, a commercial property manager will take everything off your hands and use their experience and industry knowledge to ensure your earning potential is optimal.

Orange County commercial property management services are highly recommended when investing in a commercial property rental. They take care of all the time-consuming tasks, including building a great relationship with your tenants and ensuring that everything follows legislation so you can focus on your own life. By ensuring everything is taken care of, they minimize the risk of any legal suit, and also the loss of money by ensuring the conditions are kept to a high standard. Going for commercial property management in Orange County CA will give you peace of mind in knowing that your property is being well taken care of and that everything is being done according to California laws and regulations. The most important thing to consider is which property manager to choose. You want someone that is trustworthy, reputable and has an in-depth knowledge of the market.

Goodman Management Team have over 25 years of industry experience under their belt and are highly reputable across the Orange County area. They have strong hands-on approach to really tailor their service to each customer, making you as a Landlord feel incredibly valued and understood. The team is comprised of qualified property managers with many also having backgrounds in handyman type skills such as engineering, plumbing, and electrician type work. As a result, they often go and fix any repairs themselves to save their customer’s extreme rates by external companies. They are very highly regarded when it comes to commercial property management in Orange County CA and will help you to become a successful and very satisfied landlord.

8 Signs you should invest in Property Management

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Professional Property Management in Orange County CA

In general, professional property management in Orange County CA is there to take the weight off the Landlord’s hands when it comes to the mundane and frequent tasks you have to undertake before, during and after tenancy. They are often a huge asset to your investment, as they maintain the property, minimize excess costs and potential damages in order to nurture, and grow, your investment property. They can provide a complete management service that helps to grow your costs and save you heaps of time. The following 8 points are just a handful of reasons as to why working with a property manager is essentially more beneficial than going it alone.

1. Marketing your property

Expertise and a complete understanding of the market will speed up the process of finding your tenants incrementally. Orange County rental property management should know off the bat who your target markets are, where to find them and how to market your property in a way that will attract as many of those target tenants as possible.

2. Qualifying tenants

Screening tenants is a skill in itself, and an Orange County property manager should be able to collect all necessary documents that assure they will pay the rent, and qualify as responsible and reliable. This may include references and copy of bank statements.

3. Tenant Communication

There is nothing better than having a great and reliable tenant. Not only will they look after your property to a higher standard but they will more than likely want to renew their tenancy at the end of the contract. However, to keep tenants happy, being a point of communication and available to talk regarding any concerns about the property takes time. Whether this involves taking calls in the middle of the night, or during the weekend, a property manager can take this off your hands and maintain that strong relationship.

4. Knowledge of Landlord-Tenant Law

In the radical event that you have to file late payment notices or go through the eviction process, your professional property management in Orange County CA should have a highly comprehensive understanding of Landlord-Tenant Law. This is probably one of the most common and essential reasons to go with a property management company. Their understanding is even supportive with smaller queries and issues, like who is liable for the repair of certain issues within the property.

5. Handling routine maintenance work

Routine maintenance work is standard for any rental property. Regulating, resolving and minimizing costs are the biggest necessity for most landlords during this time. Usually trying to schedule a time that is best for tenants and communication can also take a lot of time, so having the best property management companies in Orange County CA takeover will give you peace of mind.

6. Emergency repair work

Repairing a random, but emergency damage within the property can be an absolute nightmare. Not only do you want to resolve it quickly, but you need to find someone that won’t break your bank whilst fixing the repair work. A rental property manager in Orange County CA will utilize their list of contacts to find you a cheap and reliable service contact.

7. Completing inspections on a routine basis

Taking the time to complete a regular inspection of the property is a task, not every Landlord has the time to do. Professional property management in Orange County CA makes it a priority to constantly be aware of how the inside of the property is being maintained by performing frequent inspections.

8. Keeping records

For legal and referral purposes, making and keeping a copy of every important record is essential. Many landlords like to rely on an Orange County rental property manager for this as the paperwork can accumulate.

In return for providing an excellent service, a property manager usually requires a small percentage of the rent. The reason so many Landlords agree to do this is because with a reputable, and experienced property manager, the money you save and the time you gain, from not handling tenant queries and minimizing costs on repairs, maintenance work and potential legal fees usually pay for your property manager with a lot more leftover profit. It does not just save you the hassle, but it helps to grow your investment property whilst you reap the rewards. The emphasis to focus on is the experience and credentials of the property manager themselves to ensure you make a lucrative decision.

Goodman Management Team have over 25 years in the real estate business and are reputable for their property management services. They have strong, hands-on approach in order to alleviate and keep the costs of repairs to a minimum. The team is comprised of qualified real estate agents with backgrounds in the most beneficial handyman type skills such as engineers, plumbing, and electricians. As professional property management in Orange County CA, there are many benefits to having Goodman Management Team nurture and grow your property, letting it continue to appreciate in price over time.

Quality Property Management Services

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How to deal with property managers?

Having a good property manager that takes care of every single worry you may have during a tenancy is going to not only give you peace of mind, but boost your profits immensely. There are a number of things that can often go wrong during a tenant’s stay in your property;   problems can occur way before the tenant even moves in. This can range from something minor like a light fixture needing to be replaced to something long, complex and challenging like eviction procedures. Investing in solid quality property management services can actually save you a lot of money on unforeseen costs you had no idea even existed.

Quality Property Management Services

A great Orange County property management company will use their qualified expertise and experience to notice all the blind spots you as the owner is not aware of. This way, you can enter into a lucrative agreement with your tenant with minimal to no risk.

> Property Walkthrough

One of the most important things to notice when searching online for “property management near me” is the availability of walkthroughs with the property management company beforehand. Make sure to assess the process to help you assess the quality of property management. The following list examines what is required from a successful walkthrough of the property.

> Document everything

High quality property management services involve documenting absolutely everything. This does not just extend to inventory but marks on the walls, anything that is broken and issues to the external structure of the property.

> Contingency plans are everything

Having a backup plan is essential. Walkthroughs could uncover big issues to a rental property that might make you think twice about whether, or not, to invest. You may have already bought the property, and find quite a few issues that will setback tenancy as the property does not meet legislature required by the state. A quality property management company will be able to give you options in response to either situation.

> Keep the place clean

Making sure that the property is always maintained and kept in great condition is the role of property management experts. To help identify everything within the property, as well as on an aesthetic level, the property needs to be very clean. Property Management Services need to be on top of this, so you can conduct everything involved in an easy manner. It is also a key so that you are able to pinpoint any potential issues within the property as easily as possible.

> All issues reported

Being on top of all issues from tenants, ensuring they are reported and resolving them in a timely manner is instrumental in a good Orange County property management company. You do not want to be made aware of a leak six months down the line and then have not only handle the fixture of the leak itself, but also pay thousands to fix a now prevalent mold issue.

Whether or not you have a certified property manager, one that provides all the points above will determine how valuable they will be in managing your property throughout an entire tenancy. Additionally, for a quality property management service, you should not be required to pay a rate that will break the bank! Affordable property management is available across Orange County and they should be incredibly valuable. A good property management service is supposed to help your lucrative investment grow, not eat away at any profit you make.

Poor Property Management Practices

Bad property managers will charge more than 10% and be unresponsive. Unresponsiveness extends to many aspects of the property management service. Some of them are:

> Not inspecting the property thoroughly

Doing a once through without properly inspecting every corner of the property is a telltale sign of bad property management services. As mentioned above, a lot of detail and care needs to go into the walkthrough alone, therefore a property inspection should be even more thorough. Any potential issues need to be identified and resolved immediately as a result of a property inspection.

> Lack of Communication with Tenants & Landlord

Having great tenants is every Landlord’s dream. The property management company should be around to help bring great, reliable tenants to your property but more importantly, they need to be the first point of contact for your tenants. If there are any issues, the tenants should always have property management experts on hand to help resolve problems quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. Lack of communication can be detrimental to the successful running of a rental property, and having the inability to resolve tenant issues and communicate this with the Landlord is completely unacceptable.

> Lack of Availability

To meet for a property walkthrough, organize an inspection with builders or have availability to screen potential new tenants and take them on a flat viewing, a quality property management company should be ready to commit to the appointments at any given time. Of course, it is not expected that they will just drop everything and run to the beckoned call of the Landlord, but if they are noticeably unavailable, change to another company. A required skill from any property management company you sign up with is flexibility and if they lack in this, and you do not feel valued as a client, it is likely they are not valuing your property either.

Owning a rental property can be a huge financially rewarding investment. However, to nurture this investment and ensure it grows for a substantial amount of time, a lot of care and effort must be devoted. Obviously, with a career or a family, dedicating so much time towards a rental property can be implausible, which is where property management services come in to play. A qualified and experienced company should already understand the significance and importance of your property and treat it as so.

Be sure to do your research when looking at property management services for your rental property. Having a great working relationship with a team that is trustworthy, hands-on combined with years of experience and a passion for the industry will pay off when your property is in tip top condition and your tenants are comfortable and satisfied.

Condo Management Companies

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Condo Management Companies in Orange County CA

Condo management companies are often overlooked by those needing help managing rental property. However, renting a condo out is a whole new ball game in comparison to a house rental. In fact, there is often more work required for a condo and having the support from a qualified and knowledgeable property management firm can make all the difference.

So, what exactly is condo management?

Condo management in Orange County CA refers to managing a rental property or in this case a condominium complex by performing duties on behalf of all the owners in the complex. This can include collecting fees, enforcing specific rules and bylaws given by the homeowners association and managing the common areas such as parking lots and lobby.

House rental vs. Condominium rental

A house rental is very different from Condominium a rental service which is why you can often find that Orange County has many independent condo management companies as they do not have the capacity, and expertise to take on both variations. Property management for rentals of all kinds can provide you with an example of what service is received for both. So what is the difference between renting a house and condo?


Many potential renters often find the point of ownership is the most confusing aspect when speaking to condo management companies. Whereas with a house rental you will have one landlord who owns the property that you pay monthly rental payments to, the condominium unit, made up of a number of different apartments, will be owned by one person and the entire complex, comprised collectively as a homeowner’s association. This means that not only as a renter will you have the landlord to pay for the unit you are renting, but also the homeowner’s association for any extra fees within the complex.


The price of a house and a condo rental are usually very similar, however with a condo, there are many benefits you receive as part of your monthly rental payment. Some utilities are often included in condo that you do not get as part of a house rental. However, the downside is that the initial HOA (Home Owners Association) fees you have to cough up to the company running the property management for rentals in the complex is higher. This is due to general maintenance of elevators and administrative tasks completed by the homeowners association.


One huge difference, and major benefit, of renting out a condo is the extra amenities such as a luxurious lobby, concierge, swimming pool, green areas etc. With a house, you are generally renting the area inside and potentially a garden or pool inclusive within that.

Differences with insurance for Condo owners

As condos are run by a homeowners association, the insurance is slightly different to the usual house rental insurance as the entire complex is governed by a set of bylaws predetermined by the collective of homeowners. It can be written in your policy, which is always recommended, to have protection from any assessments levied against you by the condo association. This is absolutely essential when managing rental property that you ensure this is covered. In general, the entire association is responsible for maintaining standards of the complex including all shared amenities. Each owner is responsible for insuring their own unit and any upgrades it may need. If a homeowner cannot provide the upkeep necessary or pay the maintenance fees required for the complex, a comprehensive insurance policy will cover them.

This is particularly important when renting a condo out, as you need to be assured that the tenants can continually cover the cost and chase up on any late arrears. Having effective condo management companies controlling this aspect is the support you really need here to ensure you are not liable. Working with an experienced property management for rentals will protect the Landlord as they will make sure the tenant has renters insurance policy to cover costs, in the event that they cannot afford to.

Importance of Property Management for Rentals

Property Management for Rentals

As you can see, houses and condos rentals require a lot of work that does not just end when the tenant has moved in. Do not let all these differences put you off renting your dream condo unit. Going through condo management companies in Orange County is not just beneficial to the landlord but also works in favor of the tenant. Working with experienced property management for rentals gives you peace of mind in knowing that you are following the correct legislation within the state, and all concerns, fixtures etc. can be taken care of within an instance.

Goodman Management Team is an experienced hands-on property management company in Orange County. They have created a great reputation for being involved, informed and always cost-effective. They work to keep renters happy, whether that is supporting them with the advice on the cheapest renters insurance of value, having repairs fixed quickly or being available at all times. Property owners, whether a condo or a house, are usually busy with their own careers, families etc. So knowing that their property management company can help them in renting a property faster, gain quality tenants, ensure the property is maintained and that repairs are as low-cost as possible that takes the pressure off immensely. In fact, Goodman Management Team is so dedicated to making your investment as lucrative as possible that if one of their team members can do the repair, many have qualifications and backgrounds in engineering and handy man type work, they will! This has saved previous clients up to half of what an external company quotes.

To find out more about why Goodman Management Team is one of the best condo management companies in Orange County and how they can help in the running of your property, contact Goodman Management Team.

Real Estate Property Management in Yorba Linda

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Finding great investment opportunities for real estate can feel like you have landed on a small gold mine. Yorba Linda, hidden within the Southern Californian valley, has become an increasingly popular city for renters, with its small town vibe full of community events but close proximity to giant metropolis cities such as Los Angeles and Anaheim. Savvy investors are lapping up the cry out for renters needs by snapping up properties within the area. However, the work for rental properties doesn’t end upon the signing of the tenancy lease. For most people, especially first-time Landlords, they think that the biggest step is the purchase of the property and getting the tenants and paperwork drafted. The realization soon comes to the forefront that the real work begins, and never, ends at the beginning of the tenancy. This is where real estate property management in Yorba Linda comes in.

Having Yorba Linda Property Management on your side, especially one of the most reputable like Goodman Management Team will minimize expense, take away the immense workload, give you time for your own life and most importantly, bring in the big bucks!

Why Yorba Linda?

Due to its year round beautiful climate and destination in the world famous Southern California, Yorba Linda would always be an appealing town to many. However, it is has become increasingly more desirable because of the beauty of the town and the opportunity there for families and professionals. High salaries, social security, and consistently low crime rates make it a magnet for families which also pose as quality tenants for any Landlord. As a result, the real estate property management in Yorba Linda is of a very high caliber. Goodman Management Team have years of experience managing properties in Yorba Linda with a number of loyal clients. Their hands on approach and number of services give Landlords the freedom to pursue their own careers, families etc. whilst leaving the property in the trustworthy hands of Gerry Goodman and his team. Most importantly, you can customize the type of management you need depending on the extent of support required.

Real Estate Property Management in Yorba Linda

Many Landlords go to Goodman Management Team as they know they can continue to help grow their investment by ensuring the property is kept in good shape, any repairs or damages to the house are resolved at a minimal cost and above all, the tenants are great, reliable and content with the property. The entire team at Goodman Management Team are immensely experienced and qualified within the industry to make knowledgeable decisions that will always work in favor of our clients. The team builds very strong, long lasting relationships with the Landlords and as a result provides bespoke services that are tailored to each rental property and the Landlord’s requirements. Being flexible, dedicated and always on hand to help is what has made them the most trustworthy and reputable Yorba Linda property management company.

Goodman Management Team Services

So whether you want to take the reins but have Goodman Management Team on speed dial or you would like them to take on the full real estate property management in Yorba Linda, it is totally up to you. Their flexible range of services allows Landlords to pick and choose exactly what works for them, delivering a tailored and high-end service. Below are just a number of the services Goodman Management Team can provide you as a Landlord.

Tenant Screening

Tenant screening is one of the most demanding and intricate processes which can be frustrating if you are going it alone. Having a professional eye take care of this is important as a bad, unreliable tenant can be detrimental to your investment. This can cause late rental payments, potential evictions and extensive damage to the property, not to mention the buildup of legal fees incurred as a result. Goodman Management Team has over 25 years’ experience in marketing to, and screening the type of tenants you want to live in your property. After marketing through all the relevant channels, they will then create a shortlist to begin screening. After examining all references and support documents, they will draw up a very comprehensive Landlord Tenant Lease Agreement to ensure you never fall liable in the event of conflict.

Maintenance and Repair Work

One of the reasons as to why Goodman Management Team are seen as the most reliable and hands on Yorba Linda property management company is their approach to maintenance and repairs. Most of the team have a background in engineering or tradesman experience and will usually cut the excess costs you have to pay by hiring a middle man at an external agency and just fix the issue themselves. This has saved Landlords with Goodman Management Team hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

Tenant Evictions

One of the issues no Landlord wants to handle, let alone get into in the first place, tenant evictions can be extremely difficult to maneuver. There are legal requirements and steps you need to take, which sometimes leaves a lot of Landlords a little out of their depth. As experts in the field and the best real estate property management in Yorba Linda, Goodman Management Team are well versed in the entire process right down to the copies of the documents that need to be stored in the event it goes to court. They also offer their team of legal experts to help advice and represent you for potential court appearances and next stage planning.

Investing in a property in the most serene area, with high demand for rental homes makes the prospect of real estate property management in Yorba Linda a very exciting one. With dollar signs in your eyes and Goodman Management Team on hand to maintain the property, you can just sit on the cash cow and watch it grow. However, understanding the work that goes on behind the scenes is essential before you go ahead with your investment as it is extremely time-consuming when going it alone. For a helping hand to ensure your property is as lucrative as possible, contact Goodman Management Team to find out how they can kick start your gold mine today.

Rental Property Management in Yorba Linda CA

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Rental Property Management in Yorba Linda CA

Yorba Linda is an in demand city for renters, nestled in a Southern Californian valley. This small, community-centric town revolves around its local public library with many social events organized via this hub. In close proximity to the likes of Los Angeles and Anaheim, as well as a number of other So Cal economic centers, savvy investors are snapping up properties here and are utilizing the best local professionals for rental property management in Yorba Linda CA. Yorba Linda property managers are in high demand here and due to this, are some of the best and most qualified in the country.

Yorba Linda as an Investment Opportunity

As mentioned, Yorba Linda is in an ideal location for an investment to let. Alongside being an astoundingly handsome town on the west coast, in the world-famous Southern California, due to its high salary and socially secure status, it is also a magnet for families and professionals. Decreasing unemployment rates, growing personal income and annual family earnings and consistently low crime rates make it ultra desirable for renters with a bit more spare cash. Increasing property values also provide a guaranteed return on investment. Yorba Linda is a town many landlords invest in because they too find the appeal of it as a future place to live or retirement property too drawing to resist. What’s more, rental property management in Yorba Linda CA is as high in quality as anywhere in the country. So, the support from Yorba Linda property managers is as intensive or as limited as you will it to be as a landlord. One particular property management company that offers you the freedom to customize the assistance they offer you is Goodman Management Team.

Goodman Management Team – Rental Property Managers in Yorba Linda CA

Goodman Management Team is one of a kind among Yorba Linda property managers. Having them on your side with rental property management in Yorba Linda CA will secure in your mind that your investment is being as well looked after as you desire. One noticeable advantage of using Goodman Management Team ahead of other Yorba Linda property managers is that they give every landlord an individual service. They understand that every rental property is different as is every tenant. As a result, they make sure their bespoke services are matched by their vast experience in the market. Their tailored approach to each property and how they nurture tenants ensures each tenancy runs as smoothly as possible and satisfaction from both parties is high. This flexible attitude is what sets them apart from the other Yorba Linda property managers.

What Services does Goodman Management Team Offer?

As mentioned, Goodman Management Team offers an entirely bespoke service, so the answer to the question is entirely up to you. Whether you’re a hands-on landlord who needs a few finer details ironing out or managing, or maybe you want to hand over the entire management process, either way, Goodman Management Team have the resources and the expertise to help you with your venture in whichever way you see fit.

Tenant Screening

Tenant screening is not as easy as advertising your space and expecting an influx of suitable tenants, interviewing them and then choosing one, just like that. In reality, these processes take expert marketing and a solid idea of where to go to induce the types of tenants which you would want to live in your home. A process which takes knack and savvy that few Yorba Linda property managers have, Goodman Management Team have over a quarter of a century of experience in exactly that.

Once a shortlist is created, Goodman Management Team will screen tenants at each stage to ascertain which candidates will not only will they take care of your property but which ones can also genuinely afford the rate you wish to charge. This process includes checking references and creating a strong Landlord Tenant Lease Agreement; inclusive of every important term ensure the landlord can never become liable in the case of conflict.

Maintenance and Repair Work

A constant worry for many landlords, having to deal with maintenance and repair works. Goodman Management Team will take this problem out of your hands with aplomb. The team is built around engineering and real estate professionals, with experience as tradesmen. Where other management companies will need to go through costly and time-consuming middlemen, Goodman Management Team can complete any potential works themselves. They are also experts in understanding your rights as a landlord versus the rights of your tenants. This is vital to understanding, legally and officially, who the liability falls upon when any potential issues may arise.

Tenant Evictions

Potentially the hardest part of being a landlord is the potential of having to evict one or many of your tenants. Goodman Management Team can also help with the management of evictions. Again, they are experts in the law surrounding this delicate issue and will only offer advice which falls firmly within your rights as a landlord, whilst notifying you of the rights of the tenants too. From storing copies of important documentation, to ensure that you always have the right evidence available as soon as it may be needed, offering their team of legal experts to advise and represent you in any case of court appearances or correspondence, to communicating with tenants regarding their potential eviction and the sending of notices when necessary.

As with many other landlords, you may have other professional commitments, a family to care for and other life responsibilities, this is why it is important to hire someone professional, such as Goodman Management Team for rental property management in Yorba Linda CA. Successfully letting your property involves a lot of work, which continues long after tenants move in, so for a helping hand with any property management scenarios, contact Goodman Management Team.

Best Property Management Services in Anaheim CA

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Best Property Management Services in Anaheim CA

Anaheim is a sought after city, often in high demand thanks to its So Cal vibe, proximity to Los Angeles and its own acumen as a commercial district. Employment and entertainment come from the form of Disneyland and its various components in the immediate area, and the Anaheim convention center. Its Southern California location, close to the coast and many other high-value points of interest, savvy investors are snapping up properties here thick and fast, and many utilize the best property management services in Anaheim CA to ensure their properties and tenants are well cared for.

Why in Anaheim?

Being a short drive from Los Angeles, the coast, multiple renowned wildlife and wilderness destinations and much more, Anaheim itself is a hub of events and activity, bringing visitors from around the globe, daily. Thanks to the commercial nature of the area, unemployment is low, house prices are rising and the number of jobs created in the city is growing year on year. As a center for commerce, the city brings with it an abundant force of professionals, young and mature, with a constant demand for rental opportunities. The best property management services in Anaheim CA are constantly on their toes with tenants to seek and care for, as well as properties to manage. Due to demand and constant interaction, property management companies in Anaheim CA are more capable of dealing with the housing market and its potential pitfalls than in other areas in the country.

Goodman Management Team – Property Managers in Orange County CA

Goodman Management Team is one of the best property management services in Anaheim CA, and having them on your side will be one of the best decisions you can make when investing in property in the city. Goodman Management Team offers every landlord a tailored service, as with experience, they have grown to understand that every property is entirely different and every tenant and how they live their lives in each property can be substantially mixed.

What Services Should You Expect from Goodman Management Team?

As a tailored service, the choice is yours. Unlike other property management businesses in Anaheim CA, Goodman Management Team let you decide which services you require of them. Your agreement with them could be that they support you as a landlord in different processes of the property handling stages; you may wish that they run the entire process; or, anything in between.  Mr. Goodman and his team can offer their hand to some of the more tiresome jobs, some of which are utterly vital to avoid stresses down the line. Below is an outline of example services Gerry and his team have offered to clients as one of the best property management services in Anaheim CA.

Screening for tenants

Picking tenants to live in your property is not as easy-a-task as some would expect. In theory, you could send out an advertisement, and the applications would probably come flooding in. But in a city such as Anaheim, why not be more particular? Expert marketing from Goodman Management Team and a knowledge of which avenues to pursue when appealing to the type of tenants you would want to live in your home is a knack that comes from vast experience. Only the best property management companies in Anaheim CA can take full advantage of such a densely saturated market to get you the best and most consistent paying clients possible.

After consultation, Goodman Management Team will screen tenants at each stage of the process, ensuring that not only will they look after your property; but that they can genuinely afford the rate you are looking to charge. This includes a reference check, a durable and tested Landlord Tenant Lease Agreement, inclusive of all terms which secure the landlord’s rights and decrease landlord’s liabilities in potential legal challenges.

Maintenance and Property Care

The jewel in Goodman Management Team’s crown! Repairs and maintenance are a necessary part of property ownership, however understanding your rights, where the tenant may be liable to pay as opposed to the landlord is Gerry Goodman’s specialty. As one of the best property management companies in Anaheim CA, the team will advise you on cost estimations, and ensure that you pay the lowest fees possible when maintaining and repairing your property. The team at Goodman Management Team is brimming with skills in engineering, plumbing, and other trade skills, making their advice worth its weight in gold. To ensure landlords don’t pay a premium for repairs and maintenance, the team members can simply fix problems themselves, saving time and money.

Potential Tenant Eviction

The last resort for any landlord, not least due to the tedious and drawn out process, is to evict a tenant. The advantage of having Goodman Management Team’s expert team, one of the best property management services in Anaheim CA is that they understand your rights down to the last letter. All correspondence between yourself as landlord and the client as the tenant are safely stored in logical order ensuring you cannot be made liable and will assist you with the help of legal experts in all stages of the potential eviction process. Further to the legal back and forth that goes hand in hand with evictions, Goodman Management Team can also compile and forward eviction notices and other correspondence with tenants.

Goodman Management Team pledge to upkeep and improve your property in whichever way you see fit, with unrivaled experience as one of the best property management companies in Anaheim CA and in depth knowledge of terms and conditions of the real estate market, they make it their duty to remove as much pain from property ownership and leasing as necessary for their clients.

Contact Goodman Management Team to find out more about the best property management services in Anaheim CA, or the rest of Southern California.