Condominium Manager in Orange County CA

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Things to consider while hiring a condo manager

Hiring a condominium manager in Orange County CA is a task that a lot of property owners struggle with. This is because entrusting a home in the hands of someone is a crucial decision that requires a lot of attention. The task is complicated hence it can be only handled by someone with experience and someone who can be trusted. Here are some tips on finding the ideal match.

How to find the perfect condominium manager in Orange County CA

What services do they offer?

The best Property Management Companies in Orange County CA usually offer a range of services. Before hiring one, it needs to be made sure whether or not the services of the management company suits the requirements of the property owner. Here are some of the basic services a property owner should look for in a condo management company –

  • Marketing the property to attract tenants.
  • Taking care of the lease.
  • Managing the property in case the property owner is looking to sell it, and taking necessary steps to make sure that the valuation of the property is above market rates.
  • High quality maintenance services. The company must take care of every little problem to possibly avoid bigger ones that could arise from them in the future.
  • Conducting regular inspections of the property.
  • Administering detailed background checks on rent applicants. Property owners looking for rental property management in Orange County CA must stress on this service as a property should only be handed over to tenants who are trustworthy and reliable.

Determining Rental Amounts

Condo Management Companies usually charge a fixed percentage of commission on the rent they earn. Hence, it is important for property managers to be able to conduct a comparable market study of all the other accessible listings close to the property in question. They should have comprehensive processes to do so, for instance checking out properties that have recently gone off the market and properties that are presently available on the market to calculate the best rate of rent. They must also have the know-how and understanding needed to factor in the exclusive structures of a rental property, for instance, a swimming pool or a special provision made for cooking barbecue. The best property management companies in Orange County CA are able to incorporate little features that ultimately result in high rental fees.

How do they treat properties that are vacant?

One good quality property owners should look for in any condominium manager in Orange County CA is the attitude to the property when the property is vacant. Most property management companies offer flat rates. They charge a certain percentage of the rent that they earn on the property. This policy is excellent for property owners until the property has no renters. To be prepared to tackle such a case, the property owners must ask the condo managers in advance, questions regarding –

  • Their efforts to attract good tenants. They should be making provisions to attract tenants.
  • Whether or not they will charge for the months when the property was vacant.
  • Whether or not they have a catalog of renters from where they can choose a suitable candidate.

Other crucial questions that need to be asked to a condominium manager in Orange County CA

Before hiring the condo manager, you must also ask questions such as the following:

Do they have any miscellaneous charges? A lot of times, property management companies have miscellaneous charges they put in the contract. They may try to hide the total cost by offering a low rate and not mentioning these additional costs. These matters need to be cleared beforehand.

What is their process of collecting rent?

Do they offer ‘eviction guarantee’? The ideal condominium manager in Orange County CA will offer eviction guarantee – which is, a small amount of coverage in case the tenant is deemed worthy of eviction by the property owner.

These are the essential things a property owner must be aware of before hiring a property manager.

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Written by: Gerry Goodman