Rental Properties in Orange County CA

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The need for enhanced security for rental properties

The security aspect of rental properties in Orange County CA is one that is always of much debate. Even though the crime rate in California is much lower than it used to be, all tenants are advised to take care of their properties in every way possible.

The Issues for Homeowners and Occupants/Tenants Due to Ignorance of Security in Rental Properties in Orange County CA

Criminals break into the property – This is one of the most common forms of criminal activity that tenants have to face. This is why several companies who offer home property management in Orange County CA have a separate security wing dedicated to ensuring that the property is free from any kind of risk from outside.

Fraud – Criminal activities inside rental properties isn’t only committed by strangers. From time to time, the occupants or co-occupants of a household may turn out to be some kind of con artist or someone involved in some kind of criminal activity like – theft, mugging or drug dealing. Execution of background checks on all occupants is crucial to safeguard the safety and privacy of all the residents of the house.

Fire – Another very important factor anyone renting out a house in Orange County CA must be careful about is – making sure that no fire hazards are committed and all the appliances, wiring, etc. are in accordance with the fire and safety guidelines.

The Benefits of Investing in Home Security

Personal Safety – The most important thing for a tenant is making the rented space as his or her safe space. Without establishing a sense of security, living a positive life becomes very difficult.

No Legal Hassle – If a tenant or a property owner allows criminal activities to happen on his or her watch, along with the various losses associated with the criminal activity, there comes a hoard of legal questions and hassles. It is best to prepare for safety and security instead of suffering from these types of issues later.

The Proactive Measures for Making Safe Rental Home and Prevent Crimes  

Here are a few of the details which some of the best property management services in Orange County CA incorporate into their practices –

Securing the Doors – The most basic thing all the tenants want to make sure is that all the entry and exit points of the property including all the doors of the renters’ apartments are correctly protected.

Door Structure – All entry and exit points of the rental properties in Orange County CA must be made of solid materials like steel or hardwood. Using glass doors is a big no-no as they can be easily broken by crooks looking to break-in.

Deadbolt Locks – On top of standard locks, any entry or exit door must be fortified with a deadbolt lock. This makes it more problematic for criminals to break inside.

Intercom System – Companies who provide rental property management in Orange County CA in multifamily properties usually install an intercom system. This system makes it easy for tenants to communicate with a person who is knocking on the front door without allowing them to enter the property. The occupant can simply buzz people into the house to whomever he/she trusts.

Security Cameras – For improved security, property owners can install security cameras at the rental property. Going this way makes real sense if there are a lot of families residing in the building. Since all the tenants of the house benefit from having such a feature installed, they can all share this additional expense. Security cameras can be located anywhere the tenants feel there is a need – be it the front entry point of the house or the backside of the property, in shared areas (pools, postbox area), in staircases, hallways, etc. However, placing them in a tenants’ private space is against tenant rights.

Overall, the security of rental properties in Orange County CA is the joint responsibility of the tenants, the property owner and the property management company looking after the respective properties.

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Written by: Gerry Goodman