Why Exterior House Maintenance is Important?

by Gerry Goodman on

Most people judge whether or not they like a house just by checking out its exterior. Hence, exterior house maintenance in Orange County CA just might be the most important factor in getting people to truly appreciate a house. Here are some of the essential tasks needed for proper exterior house maintenance.

Exterior House Maintenance in Orange County CA – The Essentials

  • Vegetation Trimming

One of the main advantages of vegetation pruning, trimming and getting rid of shrubs is the fact that the house becomes free of all types of pests and insects. It is the first thing homeowners looking to enhance their curb appeal should do. If the shrubs and trees in a property are not controlled, it stands as an open invitation for insects which can be a serious concern.

  • Filling Cracks in Concrete

It is best to use backer rods when sealing wide cracks in concrete walls. This is a preventive maintenance technique which when conducted on a regular basis, can help extend a house’s lifespan by many years. First, the homeowner needs to have any cracks in the concrete assessed to determine the cause as other significant structural maintenances could be required first.

  • Pressure Wash Exterior Walls

Pressure washing is one of the basics of exterior house maintenance in Orange County CA. Before going ahead with the launch of a paint job in a house, pressure washing exterior walls helps in removing all forms of dirt, dust, debris, and cobwebs. It is significant to wash a house with the aim of giving the new paint coat the best chance to amalgamate with the undercoat.

  • Painting the Walls, Doors, and Windows

Once the pressure washing of exterior walls is completed; the professional workers should make sure that every inch of the walls, doors, and the windows are covered in protective layers of paint.

  • Repairing the Roof

For homeowners focused on renting out a house in Orange County CA, doing so with a leaky roof is almost equivalent to suicide. No one likes a leaky roof. Thankfully, repairing the roofs is not a task which needs to be conducted every single month. Every 3-5 years the roof should be thoroughly assessed and any crack or hole properly filled.

  • Cleaning the Gutters

Living in the ‘Wild, wild, West’ is no joke. People find all kinds of weird and unexpected organisms, debris, etc. all the time in their gutters. There are a lot of professionals who clean gutters, making sure that there is no sewage problem brewing up on any corner of the property. Even a small sewage problem could cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to a property.

  • Chimney Maintenance

This is another aspect of exterior house maintenance in Orange County CA which gets overlooked all the time. A dirty chimney can cause improper air-exhaustion and release of unwanted particles into the house.

  • Weather-Stripping for Windows and Doors

Staying prepared for all weathers be it drought or winter is the only way to increase the lifespan of a house in California.

How Hiring a Top Property Management Company in Orange County CA Helps

Professional property management companies take care of a property all throughout the year making necessary changes and upgrades to make sure major repairs are not needed. At a minimal fee, these professionals help in maintaining the entire foundation of a property. Since they are professionals, they use the most advanced methods of property maintenance, undertaking all of the aforementioned tasks. Apart from that, some of the best property management services in Orange County CA make sure to go the extra mile and take extreme precautionary steps such as – Closing mosquito pools and using insecticides efficiently to keep the property pest-free; they inspect the water irrigation systems and clean the fences on a regular basis as well.

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Written by: Gerry Goodman