Foreclosure Eviction Process In California

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Get Help Handling The Foreclosure Eviction Process In California

With the rental property market becoming highly saturated due to the significant amount of money you can make in becoming a landlord, managing your property, documentation, and tenants have become more important than ever to keep your head in the race. This includes having detailed and fully comprehensive legal documents such as the landlord-tenant lease agreement in the case that you have problematic tenants. If for any reason, you do unfortunately end up with tenants you are unhappy with, due to damages to your property or late/unpaid rent, and you have been through all the legal stages with no luck, you will then be faced with handling the foreclosure eviction process in California. This process is one every Landlord hopes to avoid as it can be a nasty, complicated procedure, however, it is essential that you follow the steps required under jurisdiction to the letter to ensure the process runs smoothly, and to your advantage. The best property management Company in Orange County CA can help you in handling a foreclosure eviction process.

Notices are essential

You need to make sure you have given your tenant enough notice before beginning the eviction process. If it is regarding late payments, a notice needs to be sent to them demanding they either pay the late rent in three days or vacate. Alternatively, you can send a notice that informs them of the ways in which they have breached the Landlord Tenant Lease Agreement, giving them three days to correct the problem. If these changes are not made, you can then go ahead with the next stage of the foreclosure eviction process in California.

Court Filings

The next step is to then file a complaint and summons with the superior court which you will need legal advice and support for. You then need to serve the tenant with a copy of both the complaint and summons including clearly that if the tenant does not respond to the summons in five days, the Landlord will win the eviction lawsuit by default.  If the tenant does respond, a hearing will be scheduled for the court. In this case, they will use the landlord-tenant lease agreement to cross reference. If the judge decides the landlord has failed to comply with the terms, you may not be able to evict the tenant. If it is proven that the tenant has not complied with the terms of the agreement, they will be served with the copy of the judgment and given a period of time in which they have to leave, before the sheriff comes and forcibly moves them out of the property.

Writ of Possession

In the case that the tenant does not leave within the allocated amount of time provided, you as a Landlord cannot change the locks or switch off the utilities to force them out. Instead, you have to wait for the sheriff to forcibly remove the tenant from your property. They will be given five days notice from the sheriff before they are removed by them. The tenant is then liable to pay storage and disposable costs to you.

Best Property Management Orange County CA

Most landlords prefer to use the best property management Orange County CA when handling a foreclosure eviction process. Not only is it extremely stressful, but trying to balance out the organization of an eviction with your job, family and home property can be both time consuming and overwhelming. It can also be daunting if you do not have the industry experience and qualified knowledge to support you in making tough decisions throughout the stages in the procedure.

Goodman Management Team is the best property management in California assisting with these issues in LA and Orange County all the time. In the case that you need to begin a foreclosure eviction process in California, Gerry and his entire team are committed, with a hands-on approach, to taking this away from you. With a team accumulating years of experience and qualifications, you as a Landlord can have peace of mind knowing that the procedure is being dealt with in a way that is as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

Goodman Management Team

Goodman Management Team is a reputable property management company with lots of loyal clients throughout Orange County CA. One of the most beneficial and unique selling points, for Goodman Management Team, that sets them apart from other competitors in the area, is that the team will work tirelessly to make sure that you are not just making money but saving on repairs and maintenance issues too. Many of the team has qualifications and useful skills in engineering, plumbing, electric work etc. and instead of commissioning external agencies to go out and fix such repairs, Gerry and his team will fix them themselves. They have saved their client’s hundreds of dollars this way, and it not only makes them more likable but also highlights what a trustworthy team you could have managing your property. With the foreclosure eviction process in California or any problems you have with tenants be it late payments or damages to the property, Goodman Management Team has a no-nonsense, professional approach to handling such situations. They are fully aware of all legislature required in a rental property under the California state jurisdiction and therefore can help you to make decisions fast, and with the correct insight.

Their strong work ethic is reflected in every decision they make when managing your property, determined to make your investment as lucrative as possible by optimizing their own operations. Whether you are looking for a company to help you in the initial process of setting up the tenancy, in emergency situations such as the foreclosure eviction process in California or for the whole tenancy journey, Goodman Management Team can help. Whilst maintaining your own property and career, you can have peace of mind knowing that your rental investment is in safe hands.

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Written by: Gerry Goodman