HOA Property Management in Orange County CA

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How the HOA work with a Property Management Company

Homeowners’ Associations, commonly known as HOAs are non-profit establishments of homeowners created to reserve and develop mutually shared locations of interest by a group of homeowners and also protect property ideals. HOA property management in Orange County CA has received considerable amount of support and admiration from local communities willing to partake in this system of collective growth.

In Orange County CA, HOA property management has continually been on the up and up with the number of total HOAs rising from a miniscule 43,000 ten years ago, to a whopping figure of 10 million Californian residents in such organizations.

HOA property management in Orange County CA – Roles and Responsibilities

A Californian family living in a typical condo setup can expect their HOA property management company to take care of facilities such as –

  • Landscaping the gardens, backyards, etc. in a manner that makes it appealing to the eyes at all times.
  • Clubhouses – Creation and maintenance of clubhouses to improve community engagement and communication.
  • Swimming pools – Cleaning and maintaining the pools, while making sure that all safety requirements are duly met.
  • Upkeep of elevators and other important structures so that no unnecessary hindrance is caused in the daily lives of community members.

These are the basics of HOA property management services. Other tasks include-

  • Reparation of jointly owned structures such statues, signs, etc.
  • Parks and playgrounds – Families which consist of children put a lot of stress into the maintenance of such facilities.
  • Roads that connect the houses and entry points of a community need special care at specific times of the year, for example, cleaning up the snow on the roads during winter, unclogging the street drains during the monsoons, etc.
  • Vehicle Parking – Nowadays, with the increased number of cars on the road, providers of HOA property management in Orange County CA take special interest with regards to car parking, making sure all vehicles owned by members of an HOA are duly taken care of at all times.

The evolving role of HOAs and property management companies

California has constantly seen an increase in the number of tenants. This has led to a need for HOAs to adjust to the specific needs of renters and homeowners.

When HOA property management services are combined with rental property management in Orange County CA, the results are great for both the renters and the homeowners –

  • Create appropriate rental rates.
  • Collection of rental payments.
  • Rental candidate screening.
  • Guaranteeing that all the housing rules and property procedures are observed diligently
  • Management of vendor relationships
  • Cautious treatment of associations with likely occupants that fit the bill perfectly for the position of a renter.
  • Solving inconsequential matters to prevent them from becoming major problems in the future – Steady rental property repairs and care can help in evading major difficulties that can expressively reduce a property’s value. It is a big factor behind the growing need for careful and planned HOA property management in Orange County CA.
  • Making sure that best tenants do not shift but remain loyal to the HOA- When an occupant occupies a property, the property owner’s anticipation is that they will maintain the property duly. Safeguarding that the home is free from any type of unwarranted damages in each and every way possible ensures stable rent and also creates a certain sense of goodwill about that property owner in the rental market.
  • Increase the value of the property – One of the key aspects of apartment property management is to ensure that the value of the property is constantly increasing parallel to the growth in the economy. Clever rental property management in Orange County CA has caused substantial rise in property values.

Goodman Management Team’s Record of Success

Goodman Management Team has become a symbol of quality in California’s property management industry. Making home property management and HOA property management in Orange County CA, a comfortable chore for property owners, a great deal of the team’s accomplishments has been down to their commitment in guaranteeing select businesses for the clienteles, bestowing excellent conveniences such as property maintenance & repairs, property account management, lease management, tenant screening & eviction, and much more, at low-cost rates. Operating presently in Orange County CA in the cities – Orange, Yorba Linda, and Anaheim, Goodman Management Team has transformed the property management business, setting a yardstick for comparable companies across the county.

Written by: Gerry Goodman