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Hiring a Property Management Services versus Self-Managing Your Rental Property

The big decision that several homeowners who are on the lookout for tenants have to make is whether or not to hire professional home management services in Orange County CA. Even though a lot of homeowners struggle with this decision, the questions that need to be answered are pretty simple in the pursuit of the correct way of managing a property. Since there are a lot of efficient ways of handling rental property, all aspects need to be thoroughly analyzed. Here are two of the main routes a homeowner can go when it comes to rental property management in Orange County CA

The Pros and Cons of Homeowner Self-managing his/her rental property

Personal Touch

PROS – There is some degree of truth in the saying that no one cares for a property more than its actual owner. Be it in terms of property maintenance or simply in terms of looking out for the property, making sure its value rises year after year – when a homeowner self-manages his or her own property, there is a degree of personal touch and innate involvement that is very hard to find amongst professionals.

CONS – Even though a homeowner renting out a house in Orange County CA has the best interests in his/her heart when it comes to managing the property, unlike the professionals, they are less likely to have a clear idea on how to do it. The best property management services in Orange County CA usually oversee a lot of properties and under this umbrella of properties, each one of them is given the appropriate maintenance and upgrades as per the market demands. Since private homeowners are usually novices in the field, their intentions may not be well-guided.


PROS – Any company conducting home property management in Orange County CA is bound to slice off a certain percentage off the rent collection. Some companies have fixed rates while others have varying rates when it comes to charging their clients, depending on the rental rates, etc.

CONS – Complicated procedures such as the tenant eviction process often involve legal repercussions. If and when not managed properly, they could cost the homeowner a lot more than a professional home property management company would do.

The benefits of hiring home management services in Orange County CA –

Since we have already explored the two sides of self-managing a property, here are the major benefits of choosing the other route –

Coming up with a strong landlord-tenant lease agreement – Professional rental property management companies are known for coming up with strict contracts that all occupants are obligated to sign at the time of occupation. These contracts are fair, clear and easily understandable so that when complications regarding serious issues such as eviction or return of the safety deposit amount come up, there is no room for complaints.

Thorough tenant screening processAll professional rental property management companies have a thorough and inclusive way of conducting screening checks on the tenants. These complicated processes make sure that only the best possible candidates are selected. They also ensure that there is no form of discrimination in the process and the tenants are selected purely based on their merit.

Maintenance – Most companies providing home management services in Orange County CA have a strict policy on improving the values of the properties they manage. Be it via regular maintenance or installing additional features, these professionals have the market knowledge to ensure that the value of the property keeps on appreciating.

Efficient rent collectionProfessional rental property management companies are known for innovating new ways of collecting rent. Unlike property owners who self-manage their property and only have certain fixed avenues of collecting rent, professional rental property management companies are able to incorporate methods such as – online payments, checks, bank transfers, etc. – All of these are done to make sure that the rent is paid on time.

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Written by: Gerry Goodman