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How to Handle Tenant Complaints and Resolve Common Issues

It is widely considered that being a tenant is not half as difficult as being a homeowner. Although this statement is somewhat true, tenants have their fair share of issues and problems with which they have to deal with on a regular basis. These problems are further amplified when there is an inherent lack of residential property management in CA, a state renowned for a large number of tenants. Here are some of the common problems faced by tenants in Orange County, California –

  • Being asked to pay excessive amounts for security deposit purposes – There are certain limitations on the total amount of the security deposit that the landlord can ask the occupant to pay up. As stated by basic housing privilege laws for renters in California, a landlord has no right to claim excessive fees. The sum should be a one-time payment and consistent with charges for an average home for rent in Orange County CA.
  • Landlord not respecting the privacy of the tenants – There are limitations on the homeowner’s right to step inside the rental unit. No homeowner is allowed to barge into the rented space in the name of residential property management in CA.
  • Refunds – The renter has every right to ask for a refund on the security deposit that had been paid during the time of the agreement. In California, often renters have to face the problem of being hassled by landlords who refused to return the security deposit.
  • Discrimination while screening – This serious issue has called for authorities to instill a legal decree which allows the renters to take legal action against the landlord for defilement such as prejudiced rental applicant screening procedures. Discrimination based on these factors is thoroughly illegal, yet a common unaddressed issue faced by renters in California –
    • Race or Ethnicity
    • Religion
    • Sexual Orientation
    • Disability

These were some of the few major issues faced by tenants in California. The common factor seen in these issues is the fact that these properties are not usually handled by professional companies that perform residential property management in Orange County CA. A professional property management company assists in swiftly solving the renter’s issues.

How the residential property management helps both the renters and the homeowners

Through professional residential property management, a number of issues can be solved, since professionals help in:

  • Establishment of apt rental rates
  • Collection of rent
  • Rental applicant screening
  • Promotion of the property up for rent in a precise manner
  • Assuring that all housing guidelines and property guidelines are stood by
  • Supervision of vendor relations
  • Careful treatment of relationships with possible renters that are bound to be a good fit for the property
  • Resolving minor issues to avert big ones – Consistent rental property maintenance and care can help avoid major problems that can significantly lessen a property’s worth. It is one of the key reasons why consulting a property management company in Orange County CA is essential.
  • Holding on to the best tenants – When a tenant inhabits a property, the landlord’s expectation is that they should take great care of the property. Ensuring that the property is damage-proof in every way possible not only safeguards steady rental payments and occupants, it also shapes goodwill and leads to a bright future.
  • Raise the worth of the property – Smart residential property management in CA has resulted in the considerable rise of property values. This is because properly preserved properties are more favored over properties needing repair.

Most significantly, residential property management in Orange County CA guarantees that tenants’ rights are upheld and the contractual agreement is also not overlooked, ensuring that both the parties are satisfied during the period of occupation.

Goodman Management Team – Assisting Property Owners and Tenants with Great Efficiency

Goodman Management Team has carved out a name for itself in California’s property management industry. Making residential property management in CA a relaxed task for landlords, a lot of the team’s achievements have been down to their resolute pursuit for safeguarding top-quality dealings for the customers, presenting excellent amenities at inexpensive rates. Operating presently in the cities of Orange County CA, in Orange, Yorba Linda, and Anaheim, Goodman Management Team has revolutionized the property management industry, setting a benchmark for similar businesses across the county, displaying admirable levels of professionalism and dedication.

Written by: Gerry Goodman