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The Best Advice You Could Ever Get About Property Management

If you own a property that you want to rent out, then you need to consider using the services of a professional Property Management Orange County CA. Getting professional assistance is a guarantee that the entire process, from advertising your property to receiving a secure rental income will go smooth and all your rights will be protected. The best advice that you can get in terms of lease management services is that you should go for it because in the long run this will save you both time and money and make your life as a landlord much easier.

Here are a few basic things that you need to know about this kind of services and what you need to be looking for when choosing an Orange County Leasing Manager.

What do Property Management Orange County CA include?

Every day, in which your property stays vacant you lose money. The same goes if you have bad tenants that delay rental payment or have to be evicted. There are also a bunch of rules and laws that you need to be familiar with and tons of documentation to manage. Therefore, some professional help can be of great use to any landlord. If you are wondering what you should expect from high-quality Property Management Orange County CA, here are the few things:

  • Evaluation of your property and proposal of a fair rental rate

The leasing manager will visit your property and have a thorough look at both the exterior and the interior. They will document everything and make some photos as well. You can expect to receive some recommendations for small repairs or cosmetic changes that can result in higher rental income. Then the leasing manager will gather information about the rents in the area and will work with you so that you can come up with the optimal rental rate. You can also consult them about issues that may concern you, such as allowing pets, renting out only to non-smokers, etc.

  • Using the most appropriate advertising and marketing strategies

As a professional in the field, the lease manager knows how to prepare your property so that it looks appealing on the rental market. This may include some interior cleaning or minor landscaping touches. Then, they will utilize all appropriate advertising tools, such as Multiple Listing Service (MLS), print publications, social media, fliers, signs, paid and unpaid rental listing websites, etc. The lease manager will also work with other realtors in order to find tenants.

  • Efficient tenant screening and selection process

The lease manager will be responsible for the screening and selection of the prospective tenants. That includes answering calls, checking their background and verifying credit history, identity, etc., grading tenants according to pre-selected criteria and of course informing those who were turned down. One of the main responsibilities, naturally, is to meet with tenants and show them the property at a time that is convenient for them.

  • Supervision of tenant move-in and out

Part of the lease management services is to secure a hassle-free move-in of the new tenants. That includes drawing up a leasing agreement, setting a move-in date, perform move-in inspection with tenants and secure signing a report about the condition of the property. The lease manager is usually responsible for collecting the first month’s rent and the security deposit. Similarly, when the rental contract is over and the tenants need to move out, they will supervise the process, make sure the keys are returned and even change the locks. Another protocol is drawn about the condition of the property and any necessary amounts are withdrawn from the deposit, the rest is returned.

  • Financial services

The leasing manager is there to help you with various financial issues that you might face. That includes rent collection, chasing late payments, keeping track of all the property-related expenses and making payments on behalf of the owner. Providing accounting property management services is also a great benefit, as is the assistance with any tax-related questions.

  • Legal services

A leasing professional is well aware of all local, state and federal legislation that applies to rental properties and can give advice to the landlord in the event of any dispute or other issues. The property manager also knows the attorneys in the area who are qualified to settle such disputes and can refer you to them. Another aspect of this service is to take care of evictions – from preparing the necessary documentation to making sure that the tenants are removed from the property.

  • Property maintenance and repairs

These are services that indeed save a lot of time and money for the landlords. The leasing manager is responsible to take care of all minor and major problems that occur, which may range from a broken pipe to snow removal. They will be in charge of finding the best offer for the repair and usually they work with trusted handymen and can get discounts for giving them work on a regular basis. The property manager is also responsible to supervise any repair or maintenance work and make sure it is done according to the requirements.

This is in brief what kind of property management you can expect by hiring a trusted professional to look after your investment property.

Why a homeowner should consider Property Management Orange County?

As a homeowner, you really need to spend some time thinking whether you need to use the professional services of a leasing manager. There are many advantages to do so and besides, as you can see above, there is a variety of services that you can choose from. It is not necessary to vest all the responsibilities for your rental property to a leasing manager. You can also choose to use them only for some services. One of the best benefits is that you will get a trusted advisor especially on more complicated issues such as legal or financial constraints.

Another benefit that is worth mentioning is that you can relax peacefully or go on a holiday without being worried that you will get an unpleasant call from the tenants complaining of a broken garbage disposer. You can rely on that the property manager will take care of all issues.

You can also rely on the on-going communication with your property management team. You will be updated on anything that is happening and you are free to ask as many questions as you need if something sounds unclear.

In other words, convenience is the answer to the question why you, as a homeowner, need to consider Property Management Orange County.

How a Property Manager protects your interests?

Hiring a property manager is a smart move not only because of the advantages listed above. It is of paramount importance if you want both your property and interests to be taken good care of with as less hassle as possible. One of the most important aspects of the services you receive is the legal know-how of a property manager. As a professional in the field, they are familiar with all rules and regulations at every level – local, state, federal and can help you avoid mistakes due to ignorance and lack of knowledge. In addition to that, they are professionals who are on your side and who are there to offer you advice and solution that are to the best of your interest.

If you are looking for the best Property Management Orange County, then you need to get in touch with Goodman Management Team. You get trustworthy and customer-oriented professionals who see the good care and maintenance of your real estate investment as their mission. As a real estate broker, Gerry Goodman knows how to protect your interests and guarantees that you have access to approved California Association of Realtors documentation, meaning that any dispute is to be reviewed in arbitration by Realtors. He works with a team of professionals with various skills and knowledge that can offer cost-efficient property maintenance and repairs. No matter if you are a single-family home or a condominium owner, you can trust that your property is in the hands of the best Orange County Leasing Manager.

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Written by: Gerry Goodman