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How to make your property pet-friendly

Over 75% of Americans over the age of thirty have dogs. A whopping 51% of Americans above thirty are cat owners, according to a recent survey. In modern day America, pets have increasingly become a direct substitute for children. They are less costly and prove to be great companions. This phenomenon has caught so much attention that all the leading Property Management Companies in Orange County are advising property owners to explore the idea of making their properties pet-friendly. The reason is simple- most of the applying occupants have pets.

What is a pet-friendly home?

A pet-friendly home is a property where the owner of the property has made it legal for occupants to keep pets. In California, the owner of the property has to notify his or her property management company in Orange County CA to ensure that the property is pet-friendly in every way, that is, it practices pet-friendly home decoration, and the like.

Here are some courses involved in making the real estate property a pet-friendly one, in order to attract or accommodate both pet and non-pet occupants –

There are several benefits of making a property up for rent, pet-friendly –

  • Supplementary revenue from higher occupancy, or higher chance of attracting tenants
  • Pet fees
  • Further protection on the property fuelled by security deposits

However, in order to achieve these benefits, property owners should consult realty asset management in Orange CA, Anaheim CA, or Yorba Linda CA, because there are some strict regulations that need to be followed –

  • A clear pet policy must be drawn in the lease contract. This helps in minimizing risk and establishing clear prospects about suitable animal behavior in the rented property.
  • There should be clear reasoning behind charging additional rent from occupants. This means that there should be valid reasons as to why collection of a pet rent or an extra payment on top of the once-a-month rent is being done.
  • Clearly state the requirement for an added deposit in the contract. This should also include the cost of potential animal damage and other such factors.

How a Property Management in Orange County can Help

By simply making a property pet-friendly, a property owner is opening the doors to a large number of potential applicants. A property owner should find the best Property Management Company in the location in order to tackle this situation. They can help in:

  • Screening the applicants – After a standard background data and credit information check for the tenant-applicants, Property Management in Orange County also conduct an additional screening for pets. Pet screening can consist of demanding applicants to provide references, vet accounts, compliance training credentials and proof of tenant’s insurance with pet coverage.
  • Instant Management – In case of an emergency, for example, the pet of an occupant gets stuck in some part of the property – realty management service workers will instantly provide aid.
  • Regular checks – Property Management in Orange County also help out property owners by conducting routine checks on the properties to ensure that all guidelines are being followed, and all standards are being met.

Dos & Don’ts of pet-friendly home decoration

Property Management in Orange County also makes sure that the property is pet-friendly in every way.

  • Making sure there are no expensive rugs in the property for the pet to spoil.
  • Installing an animal area near the entry. This makes the property seem inherently pet-friendly.
  • Using semi-gloss wall paint, the one that is easy to clean.
  • Using stain resistant fabrics, wherever possible.

Goodman Management Team – Excellence and Perfection

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Written by: Gerry Goodman