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Marketing Rental Property? – Don’t Go It Alone

With the real estate market in Orange County CA becoming more competitive than ever before, the challenge to effectively marketing rental property can be quite overbearing. Understanding the market, and more importantly marketing, enough can set you back. This is especially so when you have a full-time job, a family and any upcoming plans as rental property management Orange County CA is very time-consuming.  Luckily, with a competitive market comes lots of professional agencies, and more specifically, property management companies.

With access to marketing power either as a department within their agency or as part of their qualified team of agents, they are well equipped with the tools on how to market your rental property. Once you have listed your requirements, they can ensure all your needs are met. An agency will also take the weight off your hands, by visiting your home to see the most effective way your property can be marketed. It is important to also consider with hiring a rental property management company in Orange County CA that it is essential for them to find tenants for you quickly as that is just half the battle. They can then continue to manage your property, building quality relationships with you and your tenants so you don’t have to lift your finger and your tenant, handpicked from your requirements, renews their contract.

To reach and attract your ideal tenants, you need to know how to market your rental property in the most effective way. Property management companies can do this for you, ensuring your property is not on the market for very long!

Professional photography

You would be surprised at how badly, or non-existent, the photos of a rental property can look despite someone paying to list them. Your photographs are the eyes to your property and probably the most crucial thing to get right. With high competition, it is important you know how to market your rental property properly and one of the most important components is the images you display. If you opt for rental property management Orange County CA, they can use their expertise, along with a professional photographer, to come and take shots that will gain the optimum amount of interest. They know how to make a room look better, rearrange furniture so it is more appealing to your target market and which key rooms need to be featured.

Experts in reaching tenants with your property listing

With industry knowledge, the required length of tenancy and type of tenants, neighborhoods and nearby landmarks or attractions, a property management team will bring together to effectively marketing rental property where all prospective tenants you want will be looking. They will also use their skills to organize the listing, regarding layout, which images should be featured and which ones made smaller, the wording and what should be highlighted to reach and attract your target tenant.

Coordinating and managing any maintenance problems

When making decisions on marketing rental property, you need to understand that this does not just stretch to the signing of the contracts. As reviews and word of mouth can spread very quickly in the age of social media, it is important that you are quick to respond and resolve any maintenance problems. With a property management company, they can take control of this, responding to customers immediately in order to resolve whatever the problem might be.

Marketing to the tenants you want

One major benefit is that as part of a rental property management agency’s abilities to market your rental property effectively, they can target tenants you require whilst screening out any tenants that may cause problems. This may be flagged in references or a lack of job, your property, for example, may be ideal for a small family with a steady income so an agency would work not to market it to young professionals that have just left university and starting out on the career ladder. There are lots of factors to take into account on marketing rental property with the hassles of everyday life, you just don’t have time for. This is why hiring rental property management Orange County CA can be very beneficial.

Communication is key

Communication is the key to winning over any customer, and this is not any different when it comes to potential tenants. Not only will a rental property management team be on call for you and potential tenants, communicating with them to alleviate any concerns but they will be there as a strong point of contact right the way through the tenant’s contract. This is of high importance as you are more likely to have a tenant renew their contract which saves you time and money to look for someone new.

Hiring a Best Rental Property Management Orange County CA

Goodman Management Team set the standard when it comes to rental property management Orange County CA. Not only are they professional, maintain optimal industry knowledge and are experts in positioning your property best in the market, but they have a “hands on” approach that sets them apart from the rest. Gerry Goodman and his team all have extra skills like engineering, repairs on electrical outlets and plumbing issues etc. Therefore, they work tirelessly to shield you from any excessive costs on common repairs by handling it themselves. One of his clients previously needed to have 10 feet of wrought iron fencing replaced and when looking externally, was quoted $3500 – a member of his team took the job for $1600 and that was mainly material costs! Your property management companies are going to be with you for the extent of your tenancy and therefore you will develop a long-term relationship with them. Therefore, it is crucial that you choose wisely and Goodman Management Team are honest, down to earth and most importantly will work hard to save you money!

Get in touch with Goodman Management Team to find out more about the marketing rental property with them and start what will be a very successful and lucrative relationship today!

Written by: Gerry Goodman