Vacation rental management in Orange County CA

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Tips for first-time vacation rental owners to improve the guest experience

Vacation rental management in Orange County CA has received a lot of attention ever since the vacation rental industry was adjudged to be worth over 1.5 billion USD on a global scale. The industry has outgrown itself as it has incorporated additional advantages on top of renting out of a fully-furnished house or professionally overlooked resort or condo complex on an impermanent basis to travelers as a substitute to a traditional hotel.

Why is vacation rental management in Orange County CA so popular?

Jumping on the bandwagon of the substitute hotel concept, a lot of homeowners in the state have looked into the various advantages that vacation rental owners enjoy. Since tourism has always been a forte to the state’s economy, taking advantage of this opportunity is indeed a fruitful one.

However, this industry does offer a lot of competition. What makes this competition even more cut-throat, is the fact that online reviews and ratings play a great part in determining the success of such an establishment. This is why hiring a provider of vacation rental management in Orange County CA is a great prospect for homeowners looking to venture into this field.

Improving guest experience with rental property management in Orange County CA

Differentiating a property from competitors is crucial to be successful in this business. There should also be an active property maintenance and repair services always ready to swiftly deal with any issues that could negatively affect a property’s well being. Here are some additional facilities that can prove to be the difference maker when it comes to a tourist making a choice on his or her accommodation –

  • Focusing on facilities that are absent at hotels or are too expensive to access

Giving access to facilities which are tough to access in hotels is what most companies conducting vacation rental management in Orange County CA have been focused on, since it serves two purposes together. Firstly, there is an economic benefit. Secondly, it establishes a homely feeling inside the accommodation. Some examples of such facilities include –

  • Bicycles
  • Home-made breakfast
  • Free parking space
  • Premium channels on TV
  • Sound system
  • Private pool
  • Garden
  • Sports Room
  • Free Wi-Fi

Good vacation rental management in Orange County CA will also focus on simple and practical amenities such as a washer and dryer. For tourists who have plenty of carry-on baggage, giving the option of carrying out their own laundry tasks can be great.

  • Giving genuine advice

Vacation rental owners give out information and endorsements on locations and places that will truly help the tourists. Unlike hotel workers who push their own products, an employee of a property management company in Orange County CA working as a vocational rental manager should keep the best interests of the tourist in mind while giving out any information.

  • Kitchens

Offering fully equipped kitchens to the tourists so that they have the choice of making their own meals, can reduce the dining expenditures and also make them eat healthier. This can be a great offering helping to improve the chances of a tourist group selecting the accommodation.

How hiring a good property manager improves guest experience and ROI

It is clear that some degree of investment needs to be made in order to start a vacation rental business. Hiring an experienced provider of vacation rental management in Orange County CA can help manage this money by –

  • Making swift repairs.
  • Conducting applicant screening.
  • Analyzing and out-performing competitors.

Hiring such an organization is the first step to success in this industry.

Goodman Management Team has risen to be one of the leading providers of vacation rental management in Orange County CA. Recording a high rate of customers returning to use the facilities again, Goodman Management Team has employed a technique of taking in guest recommendations and improving every day. Determined to outshine all competition, Goodman Management Team is currently operating in the cities of Orange County CA – Orange, Yorba Linda, and Anaheim. Adapting to the needs of this ever-changing industry, the team has unceasingly been setting standards in the industry and pleasing both the clients and the visiting tourists equally.

Written by: Gerry Goodman