Client Testimonials

Xiangdong Ma.
Andover, Mass

To whom it may concern.
This letter of recommendation is offered wholeheartedly in support of Gerry Goodman.
My name is Xiangdong Ma and I reside in Andover, Massachusetts with my wife. As we started to prepare for retirement to California, I needed to find an agent to represent my interests and found Gerry, an experienced and most professional Real Estate Broker in Orange County.
You can imagine how difficult it is to locate homes three thousand miles away, gather the information, fly to California, make the selection and negotiate a winning offer. Gerry was instrumental in completing the sale in Laguna Hills, CA.
As we are a few years away from moving to the coast, Gerry was able to Lease out the home and act as property manager as well as personally fixing most repairs saving me a lot of money. As you may know most property managers just call plumbers, electricians, etc. but Gerry is able to perform a lot of the tasks himself.
I could not be more enthusiastic in my support of Gerry and trust you would consider his services.
Gerry has managed my rental since 2013.

Rod & Martha Flint
Anaheim, CA.

It was very important for my husband and me to find the right person to help us rent our home.
We have had a very bad experience in the past with the last tenant that rented our home
So when we had the pleasure of finding your website and meeting with you we were very pleased.
Your knowledge and expertise came to us as a great relief in finding the right person to rent our home.
We appreciate your kindness and your understanding of what we were looking for in a realtor.
It is a pleasure working with you and we know that our property is in good hands and know that you have the right skill set and capability to manage our property.
It is our pleasure to refer Gerry to anyone who is in need of renting their home.