Our Services

My contract services for single-family homes and condominiums are basically the same, except in the case of condo’s, we ensure that the tenant is fully aware, in writing, of the HOA requirements and restrictions.

Of course, this would also apply to single family homes with an association.

Our lease documentation ensures tenants provide renters insurance to hold harmless the landlord in all events associated with their, or guest activities.

Periodic visits are made to the unit to ensure their upkeep and to test the smoke /carbon monoxide detectors are working.

The control of rental income is directly deposited into the landlord’s checking account by the tenant.

This burden on property management services companies requires accounting to be involved, which adds to the higher fee’s they charge and allows me to be more competitive.

As a Real Estate Broker, if the need occurs, that you desire to trade up for higher income rental property, I can also offer you great savings on 1031 tax-deferred exchanges as your property manager.

My Real Estate Broker's license provides access to approved California Association of Realtors documentation. It provides that any dispute must be reviewed in arbitration by Realtors.

This eliminates the courts and additional expenses. You can be assured that you are legally protected.

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